Physical Therapist In The Bay Area

Alameda, CA

Sports can be a pretty intense way to spend your time, and can lend themselves easily to injury. Whether it's a repetitive stress injury, an impact injury, or overexertion, sports can be tough on our bodies! After all, no one wants an injury to take them out of the game permanently.

That's where sports injury therapy can come in to help! Many athletes will experience an injury during their sports careers, from little sprains to big breaks, and sports injury therapy can prevent further injury and put them on the path to a full range of comfortable motion again!

Sports injuries tend to come in one of two types: acute and chronic. Acute injuries usually are sudden injuries, like breaking a bone, ‘pulling' a muscle, or being struck by an object. Chronic injuries are the result of overusing a particular part of the body, such as when swimmers' shoulders hurt from repetitive use. Acute injuries are often more painful, and the athlete might not be able to put weight on the body part or be able to move it. Chronic injuries are usually more a soreness or a dull pain that's bothersome, but not unbearable. Either way, sports injury therapy can be of assistance!

Both types of injuries need to be treated seriously and with great care. By overexerting yourself, or ‘playing through the pain', you can cause lasting damage! It's better to take it easy and slowly work your way through exercises to gain better movement and relief. That way, you don't develop scar tissue that can interfere with comfortable movement!

So if you're an athlete and you've experienced an injury that's cutting in to your play time or is causing you pain, then why not give Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy a call and see what we can do for you? There's no shame in the game of being well!