Physical Therapy

Oakland, CA

What is physical therapy? It's a type of therapy that focuses on movement and the body, so that the patient can improve their range of motion, strength, and abilities. Sometimes, it's used after an injury or illness, but it can also be part of maintaining good health for patients who are not as mobile or are disabled. This can improve the quality of life for the patient, who may have reduced pain, an easier time moving and performing everyday activities, and a greater independence.

Physical therapy is varied in its specialties and applications. Many physical therapists will have a particular specialty that they focus on, such as geriatric care, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, integumentary, sports, pediatrics, orthopedics, and more. Physical therapists can diagnose and treat many different kinds of physical troubles, and people seek out physical therapy for many reasons!

Who is a candidate for physical therapy? Anyone can be a candidate! From newborns to seniors, anyone can struggle with physical limitations, pain, or disability. This type of care can be most beneficial for three main types of patients: those who were born with a disability that prevents the full range of movement of their body, someone who has suffered an injury that limits them, or someone who is experiencing a reduction in their physical abilities, whether through age or illness. Physical therapy isn't magic, of course, but many patients experience improvement in their health and wellness, and are better able to take care of themselves and enjoy hobbies and activities that may have previously been off-limits to them.

So if you or someone you love is struggling with pain, physical limitations, or declining health, then give Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy a call today. No one should have to live with pain or just ‘deal with it', and we'll try our best to help you live a comfortable, active life, no matter what your troubles may be!