At Home Therapy

Berkeley, CA

Are you someone who is troubled by hospitals? Is it difficult to relocate yourself for important appointments? Patients who participate in physical therapy may not be able to get out of bed, be attached to machines that assist with bodily functions such as breathing or waste disposal, or may not have a full-time caregiver to assist with transport. In some cases, it's difficult, or even impossible, to transport these large machines that are necessary for care. Patients may be fragile or have difficulty with being mobile for many reasons, making physical therapy a burden, instead of a bonus!

At-home therapy can help. With at-home therapy, we come directly to the patient's residence, and we work with them in a comfortable setting that allowed them to have full access to their at-home health care equipment and conforms to their schedule. We'll work with you to set your own personal wellness goals and strategize how best to reach them. Goals are set by the patient and the physical therapist, or with a team of medical professionals and caretakers, if the patient is struggling to assert their goals.

At-home therapy also may be a good choice for patients who struggle with memory loss. Being relocated to a new setting can be frightening and disorienting, and it can be more beneficial to work in the patient's own home, so that the attention is on improving their physical condition, instead of learning a new location.

There are many options for physical therapy with Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy! We believe that we can work with nearly any patient to provide a high standard of care, so that you aren't burdened with pain, stiffness, or a limited range of motion! So give us a call today, and start on your path to a better life in your own home, in your own time.