San Francisco, CA

No one wants to live in pain. Having constant or chronic pain can be very limiting, and doing even simple daily tasks can be difficult and frustrating. Many people feel uncomfortable relying on medications or pills to try to maintain a pain-free state and worry about side effects that make them drowsy, nauseous, or interact with other medications.

Pain relief therapy can be a drug-free way to address pain, improve your healing and range of motion, and give you mental relief as well! Small, deliberate movements that are tailored to your injury or source of pain can help you slowly build strength, repair damaged tissue, and make it easier for you to manage your symptoms.

When you have chronic pain, even the smallest tasks can sometimes be insurmountable, depending on how you're feeling that day. What you can handle from one day to the next can change, making it difficult to live independently and forcing you to abandon plans and reschedule them constantly, hoping that you feel better in the future. It makes your life unpredictable and uncomfortable, and it's a struggle to find ways around it.

Whether your pain stems from an injury or a chronic condition, there are ways to address it with pain relief therapy. Some people find success with water therapy, in which water is used as a light-impact, lightly resistant medium in which to do various exercises without putting the full weight of their bodies or pressure on the affected body parts. Others find that light weight-lifting, the use of resistance bands, or even massage therapy to be of assistance in pain relief and maintenance. It's about what works for you.

Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy can help you reach your full pain-free potential. Give us a call, and let's get started on making you feel better, freer, and have an easier time just living life!