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Information: Peggy Shultz Physical Therapy is a physical therapist in Oakland, CA.

You might ask yourself, ‘what is physical therapy, and is it right for me?'. Physical therapy is a type of therapy that helps patients with movement and healing. Many people opt for physical therapy after an injury, but it can also be used to help those with mobility impairments or disabilities. Therapists who specialize in physical therapy can help address a variety of physical problems, such as pain, stiffness, reduction in range of motion, flexibility, or physical maintenance of the body.

At-home therapy is a great choice for patients who may not be able to leave the house comfortably. Patients who utilize a connection with equipment that is difficult or impossible to move, patients who have suffered spinal injuries and should not be moved, or patients who are struggling with memory loss all may benefit from a physical therapist visiting them in their own home to preserve their comfort in familiar surroundings.

Orthopedics are focused on those with pain or trouble with their musculoskeletal systems, such as broken bones, fractures, strains, sprains, amputation, and sports injuries. These could include application of heat or cold, therapeutic exercise, or manipulation of the body to alleviate stiffness and pain. This can also involve manual therapy, which is manipulation, mobilization, or massage, and can be combined in different ways to address your unique needs.

Athletes may prefer sports injury therapy, which is specialized to help them recover from their injury and rejoin the game! Sports injuries are generally either acute or chronic, and your sports injury therapist can help you find the best way to treat your pain and discomfort, promote healing, and get you back on the field quickly, in the best health possible!

But of course, pain may not necessarily come from an injury. Chronic pain conditions and certain disabilities may lend themselves to discomfort and pain, and a therapist can address those concerns. Pain relief therapy aims to give the patient the most comfort possible through different forms of therapy. This could be achieved through manipulation of the body, massage, or light exercise that gives the body resistance without overexertion. Learn More

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